Hello, I’m Colleen Kimball - my friend’s call me Coco.

I’m what some people would call a unicorn. I have many skills and layers of working experience, and I bring an element of magic to any table. Currently, I handle all things small business in Central Illinois and spin a couple of plates on the side.

One of those plates is copywriting and editing. I’ve been helping people with their writing for over fifteen years and really enjoy partnering with others on projects that need their words curated for success.

My other spinning plate is my exciting startup, Derby Clutter Pros. I am passionate about living a life with less stuff and more purpose and passion. Derby helps others to do the same.

Thank you for reading this far - wow! Attention spans are quickly shrinking so I applaud you for sticking with this short piece. Since you’re still here, I want to encourage you to stick with your dreams, hopes, and ambitions! Don’t give up - press on. The world needs you!