Coco's Circus

The Ringleader. That’s me, Coco, and this is my circus.

Isn’t life a funny thing? We have this short time on earth before ascending to our heavenly home and while we wait, we labor to share Jesus with those around us.

I can see Him everywhere. In the beauty of my family, the magic of my friends, and the fun in each moment’s nonsense.

There are millions of opportunities to try new things and believe in the impossible if we know how to search for them. It’s a rabbit hole that we are invited to go down and if we’re brave enough, there is a whole new world on the other side.

I live for the rabbit hole - the adventure - the circus. These wild opportunities live in our homes, our backyards, and our own little worlds. If we know how to look, we will be forever changed by what we find.

I dare you to step right up and take a look inside.