Above photo done by Annah Sparks

Above photo done by Annah Sparks

Born and raised in Central Illinois, I am your classic Midwest girl with a heart for Jesus who believes in the impossible.


My Mission

Individually, my life's mission is to bring the good news of Jesus to the lost, broken, and forgotten peoples of the earth. Through my God-given gifts of writing, dreaming, entrepreneurship, and building community, my aim is to bring hope and light into empty spaces. I believe in the power of Kingdom business, Kingdom art, and Kingdom mindsets in completely transforming communities into prosperous, whole regions.

Wake up, oh sleeper, rise from the dead, and God will shine on you!
— Ephesians 5:14

My life is truly an adventure. I went away for school, then studied in Turkey and Costa Rica, came back to Central Illinois, thought I would go to law school, changed my mind, got married to an amazing man, bought a house, adopted a crazy dog, and went to work at the family graphics company. So now what? Who knows. My grandpa always says that most people think tomorrow is a mystery, but really, the next minute is a mystery! He loves that life is an ever-changing path and that's where you'll find me too - on the road to the unknown with a steady heart and a sound mind.


  • Business Development and Art Consultant at Technicraft in Peoria, IL
  • Freelance writer and editor
  • Ambit Independent Energy Consultant
  • Freelance bookkeeper
  • Member of Bradley Epworth Church
  • Peoria Irish Fest volunteer: web/logisitcs
  • Peoria Fine Arts Society member
  • B.A. in Political Science from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville
  • Microsoft Office and Adobe Suite
  • Background in law, finance, retail, and small business
  • Avid junk hunter and flipper
  • Amateur baker
  • History lover